Weddings are considered one of the most significant events in a lifetime. It deserves to be celebrated with grandeur and exclusivity. If you are looking forward to a destination wedding in Lonavala, then you have come to the right place. One of the finest destinations for weddings situated near Mumbai is Lonavala. Lonavala is known for its scenic beauty and close to nature experience giving your wedding destination the right combination. Couples that mainly belong to Mumbai and Pune love Lonavala and dream of having their destination wedding there.

Specific tips will help you to choose an ideal destination-wedding venue in Lonavala. Some of these tips are mentioned below.

Facilities and Amenities:

While choosing a wedding destination, ensure you have all the facilities and amenities required for the wedding. Generally, most of the resorts present in Lonavala offer over-the-top services to guests. Be sure to choose a resort that offers you venue options and very good cuisine options. These facilities vary in quality amongst the various hotels in Lonavala and be sure to choose the best.

Look and décor:

The wedding comes once in a lifetime and to make it memorable the look and decoration play a vital role. Whether you plan for an indoor or outdoor venue, the decoration can bring gorgeousness to your wedding. If planning indoor, it is advised to choose a theme that best matches the venue. Floral themes are in fashion now and help bring elegance to the entire setup. If you are looking for a wedding resort in Lonavala, then ensure you do thorough research online first for the best results.


Location is the most prominent thing you should keep in mind while finalizing the venue. Lonavala is the best destination wedding near Mumbai that will offer you and your guests a good time out vacation outside the city. The location of Lonavala is excellent as people from Mumbai and Pune generally travel there for holidays and weekend getaways.

Guest Rooms:

Indian weddings are all about entertaining their guests. One essential tip to ensure your guests are comfortable in selecting guest rooms appropriately. It is advised to self-check the rooms and confirms every amenity possible is offered to the guests. Lonavala has beautiful resorts that have served as good wedding destinations to many families. 


When it comes to Indian weddings, food is something that is a priority. Indians believe in serving the best food items to their guest during weddings. It is best to self-check and tastes the sample of every item present in the menu for the best results. Building a good rapport with the chef will help you to get the best food items the way you love. Lonavala is believed to be the best destination wedding near Pune, where you get lovely resorts, good food, and ample amenities.


The points mentioned above will help you to find the best wedding destination in Lonavala. Ensure you check all the points mentioned above to ascertain the wedding venue is the best for your guests.